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KDGA offers a fresh perspective regarding corporate image and visual communication for our clientele. As “Brand Architects”, our team has unique backgrounds that allow us to mix business with creative skills.


Our clientele typically falls into two distinctive categories; Emerging Brands and Established Brands. Emerging Brands are looking for campaigns, strategy, and ideas to help them thrive in their marketplace. Established Brands are looking to reposition themselves with their marketplace to help regain a stable foothold.

Research & Strategy

We research your intended audiences by studying the competition and defining strategies best to improve the integrity of your brand. We eliminate marketing hardships by developing an intriguing, organic, and personable experience.

Creative Development

All the planning in the world will be wasted without proper execution. We look at how your brand will be able to stand alone in tough market places. We study all aspects of the design and convey the message effectively, taking all that we have learned in research and strategy sessions to hone in on the subtle nuances that make your brand truly insightful and memorable.

Results & Analysis

The work isn’t done after the project is delivered. We take your campaign(s) to market and saturate the target audience with measurable takeaways that increase the value of the brand without changing the product itself. This ultimately leaves the client feeling a new enthusiasm around their brand.