Hit List: Graphic Design Trends of 2012, Volume One

September 27th, 2012

Open the closet of any modern woman and it is highly likely that amongst the quintessential little black dress, sleek, black shoes, and the skinny jeans, one will certainly find destroyed denim, countless pairs of leggings, oversized clothing, sky-high heels, and handbags large enough to carry a small animal. There are the classics, the ones that ooze style and sophistication no matter what the occasion may be, and there are the trendy fads, which come and go at lightspeed in the ever-changing society in which we reside.

Designers have a closet of their own, full of essential fonts, crucial typography, and innovative ideas that will always possess the ability to create elegant, clean, and eye-catching designs. Amongst these polished bits of perfection lie the trends of years past, just waiting to be revived and reinvented. As we transition into a new year that is chockfull of new trends for the graphic design industry, it is easy to see how many trends have come and gone in the field in just the past eight months.

Some trends of 2012 have utilized some of the latest and greatest techniques and technology, while others have proven to be simply revisions of the classics. Here, we’ll reveal our favorite graphic design trends of the year. We want your opinion- should they stay, or should they be cut, cropped, erased, and deleted?

What’s missing? 

The “incomplete” look has taken over the world of logo design. The sleek, modern, beautifully simplistic design of text with partial lines missing has demonstrated how less truly can be more. When done properly, the result is nothing short of stunning. The MTLL logo is a prime example, and was designed by Anagrama. Without a doubt, the viewer would be left mesmerized by the typography.


Drop me a line 

The handwritten look has returned. With its quaint, old-fashioned appearance that can so readily be made eclectic, it has proven to be both versatile and utterly flawless for logo design, ads, and more. It possesses an authentic feel without appearing as overdone as a distinctly cursive font, and can oftentimes look far more real and raw. In a land of serifs and straight lines, sometimes a little quirky curl is all you need. Designer Catherine Lepage opted for handwritten type in one of her latest designs, shown here.


Room to grow

We can’t deny it, eco-friendly design has us ooh-ing and ah-ing over banana leaf notebooks, recycled folders, and bamboo binders. The organic designs that feature earthy tones and natural prints have become trendier and trendier as people join themovement for a healthier planet, think simplistic design that lets the texture and grade of the paper do the talking. Adorned with birds, bold fonts, leafy patterns, and delicate flowers, these designs are perfect for the tree-hugger within each of us. Seeking these stylish patterns? Check out Etsy for an endless array of eco-friendly design.

So tell us, what are your top design trends of 2012?



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