The end of an era…Saying goodbye to the “Mad Men” of advertising

March 27th, 2014

Eight years ago, AMC launched a television show that depicted the lives and inner workings of advertising executives living and working in New York City’s illustrious Madison Avenue during the early 60’s. With that debut, AMC’s Mad Men revolutionized TV drama with finesse; sex appeal and a lot of scotch whiskey and lucky strike cigarettes. Let’s not also forget to pay homage to the show that single handedly brought back the staple of the slim fit suit. And while you are thinking what’s the difference between this show and any other cable network time slot, then you my friend clearly have never watched an episode.

Whether you work in the advertising world or not, you could not escape the enigmatic charm of Don Draper – the alcoholic, womanizing self-centered ad executive with baggage and complexity, Peggy Olsen – the naïve junior copywriter who climbs the ranks to become Copy Chief in the sexist world of 1960’s advertising, or Roger Sterling – the silver haired founding partner that worries he would be forever shadowed in his father’s footsteps (played by Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery respectively.)

With the final episodes wrapping production, moods have been solemn with the actors feeling a sense of loss. “I think some of us know where our characters are going to be,” said Hamm. “I don’t think any of us know what the scope or the entire body of the show is going to be. The way the show doles out information and tells the story is very oblique sometimes and I think that when people become really invested in the show they try to fill in the blanks.”

In any case, I can say certainly that my television lineup will not be the same once the doors close on this iconic show.

Final Season Begins Apr 13, 10/9c.

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