Designers Discussions: Seeking the Spark

October 24th, 2012

It happens to the best of us. Each and every designer experiences the moment of complete and utter enthrallment in his own work, with ideas and concepts simply spewing from thoughts without hesitation, when suddenly a severe case of designer’s block strikes. That euphoric state of creativity is what each of us strives for day after day- but the question is, how can it be perpetuated? We search high and low for a fountain of innovative youth, despite the mecca of inspiration housed within our own Macbooks. Though many ideas have been repetitively executed time and time again, simply viewing the work of another designer or the illustration of an alternate concept, can open our sleepy eyes to a brand new world of design and art, and perhaps even induce inspiration. Anything and everything can be unearthed within the depths of the internet: even a plethora of graphic design ideas. KDG is all about seeking the spark of an alternate universe of clean, innovative concepts. But as simplistic as it sounds, sometimes inspiration doesn’t come easily. With the help of a few resources here and there, that spark can be reignited with a flame more powerful than ever.

Designspiration {}

The basics: Even the header itself has the ability to inspire with its classic title emblazoned in what may be the most important font in all of the graphic design industry- Helvetica. Similar to social media site Pinterest, Designspiration houses an array of photos, designs, and typography examples, displaying everything from images of posters to avant garde couture.

The nitty-gritty: Though not as organized as some of its competitors, Designspiration certainly does not lack in the department of graphic design. Whether it may be informational design ideas or simply advertisement embellishment, every sort of concept can be found in the hundreds of pages of images on Designspiration. Request an invite. Log in. Be inspired.

Abduzeedo {}

The basics: Abduzeedo goes far beyond just discussions of various graphic design topics- it even offers tutorials for designers, as well. From Daily Inspiration to “Tuesday Textures” and Weekly Apps, Abduzeedo is a haven for graphic designers and photographers a like.

The nitty-gritty: Abduzeedo has the potential to be a designer’s new best friend. It is anything and everything design-related in one convenient place, and can offer a lot to newcomers and seasoned designers as well. Subscribe to the newsletter, also, for inspiration delivered right to your inbox.

InspiredMagazine {}

The basics: Known as “InspiredMag,” InspiredMagazine is an online blog-style “magazine” that offers different sources of inspiration through eco-friendly ideas, links to innovative WordPress themes, and more. It also delves into the lifestyle aspect of design, a refreshingly unique concept in comparison to its counterparts.

The nitty-gritty: InspiredMag offers a wealth of interesting photos and fresh ideas. It is linked to a network of different design-based sites, such as QualiThemes and Visual Loop, and has a social media following of about 9,000. InspiredMag is a great source for quick information, especially all things WordPress.



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