Designers Discussions: Eclectically Eye-Appealing

September 21st, 2012

With each step into a store, we as consumers are constantly surrounded by an infinite plethora of eye-catching goods and sparkling new products. The “don’t judge a book by its cover” cliche is simply thrown out the window as soon as we lay eyes upon an intriguing product, leading us to often times purchase what is appealing to the eye rather than what is appealing to our wallets. But just how far will corporations go to catch the critical eyes of consumers?

Products that possess the ability to multitask have always captured the attention of potential buyers. In the era in which we reside, speed and efficiency are nothing short of vital. So why clean the house when you can clean the house and squeeze in a workout simultaneously? Mr. Clean has long been characterized by the trademark fit man in a snug white tee. Designer Tommaso Ceschi, known for his sleek and pristine-clean creations, led a project to design bottles of Mr. Clean in the shape of dumbbells, inspired by the concept of strength associated with the Mr. Clean man himself. The amusing packaging was accessorized with a small booklet of exercises to perform at home. With the eco-friendly trend being as noteworthy as it currently is, these Mr. Clean bottles were also marketed to be recyclable and refillable; once the consumer is finished with the product, he can simply refill it with water or sand to perform a workout in the comfort of his very own home.


Designers are known to be innovative and resourceful, crafting intricate and original concepts from the mere skeleton of a basic idea. After the infamous Lady Gaga debuted her head-to-toe ensemble comprised of nothing but raw meat at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010, Weird Clothing Company designed their very own pair of meat shorts, emblazoned with a swirling print of uncooked beef, suited for the carnivore within each of us. But Weird didn’t stop there- they marketed their quirky product by placing the folded shorts into a styrofoam tray, carefully wrapped and labeled to resemble a fresh cut of meat and tagged as “human meat.”

Marketing falls hand-in-hand with the world of graphic design, and has proven to be so essential when it comes to gaining revenue and publicity. The techniques utilized by design firms, clothing companies, and even cleaning companies, whether online or in person, can often determine whether or not a customer will be willing to purchase a product. In our aesthetically driven world, the right design and the right concept can perfectly package even the smallest of ideas. The right design and the right concept, even when paired with meat-patterned Bermuda shorts,  can often lead to the greatest success.




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