Designers Discussion: The Macallan Ad Campaign

September 14th, 2012

The Macallan

Upon viewing these images, one may immediately take note of the eye-catching lighting that bathes each photo in a warm glow. Or perhaps, one may notice the rich, deep color scheme of dark turquoise, hunter green, chocolate brown, each shade speckled with golden accents. One may even immediately notice the classic cool vibe personified by Kevin McKidd in each and every photo. But as designers, we at Knight Design Group noticed one thing: despite the extensive scenery and elaborate set design, the true purpose of the advertisement merely fades into the background.

The Macallan

The Macallan has featured a “Masters of Photography” series as a portion of their ad campaigns in recent months, this time featuring the stunning images shot by photography superstar Anne Leibovitz and her model, Grey’s Anatomy actor Kevin McKidd.

The  bottle of The Macallan in the bottom left hand corner of each photo goes unnoticed, while McKidd and his glamourous surroundings instantaneously capture the viewer’s attention. This leads us to wonder, is the purpose of advertising to sell the product or to sell the celebrity? While the campaign does indeed demonstrate immense skill on the photographer’s part, the minuscule bottle of The Macallan that was delicately placed at the foot of McKidd hardly leaves the viewer longing for a scotch on the rocks.







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