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Designers Discussions

Eight years ago, AMC launched a television show that depicted the lives and inner workings of advertising executives living and working in New York City’s illustrious Madison Avenue during the early 60’s. With that debut, AMC’s Mad Men revolutionized TV drama with finesse; sex appeal and a lot of scotch whiskey and lucky strike cigarettes.
She’s iconic. She’s eclectic. She’s simply, irrevocably, indescribably Katy Perry- and she’s also the new face of Popchips. Equipped with her signature bright eyes and even brighter hair, Perry shows her support of the all-natural chips in the latest Popchips campaign. After an advertising fiasco with superstar Ashton Kutcher, Popchips looked to regain its momentum in [...]
During the initial gaze through the lens, a photographer may view his work as admirable perfection. In each photograph, the lighting is flawless, the shadows are impeccable, and the model is pure beauty. But with the help of a dear friend, otherwise known as Photoshop, the hint of an arising blemish could be erased. A [...]
It happens to the best of us. Each and every designer experiences the moment of complete and utter enthrallment in his own work, with ideas and concepts simply spewing from thoughts without hesitation, when suddenly a severe case of designer’s block strikes. That euphoric state of creativity is what each of us strives for day [...]
Upon birth, we are equipped with five senses of touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Graphic designers possess the ability to appeal strongly to the sense of sight through eye-catching innovations, vibrant concepts, and originality. Often times, visual arts fall hand in hand with performing arts, fostering an undeniably brilliant conjunction between art and music.
Stop. Take a second, and take a brief look around. Take a moment to acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of countless colors that illuminate our world, gracing each and every object with beauty and sheen. We glide through day-to-day life, failing to notice how richly adorned our universe is with inventive chromaticity. In [...]
Open the closet of any modern woman and it is highly likely that amongst the quintessential little black dress, sleek, black shoes, and the skinny jeans, one will certainly find destroyed denim, countless pairs of leggings, oversized clothing, sky-high heels, and handbags large enough to carry a small animal. There are the classics, the ones [...]
With each step into a store, we as consumers are constantly surrounded by an infinite plethora of eye-catching goods and sparkling new products. The “don’t judge a book by its cover” cliche is simply thrown out the window as soon as we lay eyes upon an intriguing product, leading us to often times purchase what [...]
The Macallan Upon viewing these images, one may immediately take note of the eye-catching lighting that bathes each photo in a warm glow. Or perhaps, one may notice the rich, deep color scheme of dark turquoise, hunter green, chocolate brown, each shade speckled with golden accents. One may even immediately notice the classic [...]
Last week, I attended a lecture hosted by Stevenson University during its annual Artist -In-Residence;  a program bringing internationally known designers to SU. These accomplished artists lecture at the University and work with the students in three-day workshops. The featured artist was accomplished programer and designer Carson Bull. Co-founder of Bully! Entertainment, an animation and game [...]