An Augmented Future: What is Augmented Realty

February 16th, 2012

Last week, I attended a lecture hosted by Stevenson University during its annual Artist -In-Residence;  a program bringing internationally known designers to SU. These accomplished artists lecture at the University and work with the students in three-day workshops. The featured artist was accomplished programer and designer Carson Bull. Co-founder of Bully! Entertainment, an animation and game design studio focused on character and storytelling for the broadcast, desktop, mobile, and print media. Carson has worked for multi-national brands like Volkswagen, Ford, NASA, and Nestle. So why is does this sound interesting?

As Carson approached the stage to give his lecture, I began thinking to myself what does this so-called “Augmented Reality” do? Well, Augmented Reality is emerging as a new and potentially new powerful medium. Computer vision plus object recognition that allows a smart device user the ability to project digital content into real world scenes. Think the 2001 blockbuster movie, Minority Report. Tom Cruise walks into the gap, and almost simultaneously, he is bombarded with ads and an AI personal shopper asking him how he’d like the jeans he just purchased. Thats Augmented reality! And while we currently aren’t that advanced in it, we are very close. Currently VW has an ad campaign that uses Augmented Reality. The Results will blow you away.


So what does this mean for the integration of print media and digital content? It means the sky is the limit! Imagine getting a brochure on a company and literally having the CEO walk out of the page and give you an introduction to the company before you even turn to the inside page. WHOA!


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