About Us

We Are Brand Architects

All too often, a company can become complacent with their marketing needs. Budgets often get overlooked or are completely non-existent.

Look, we get it. Company leaders have more things to worry about than marketing budgets. They expect marketing to produce returns, just like any other investment. With revenue allocated to other concerns, your company doesn’t need an extensive marketing plan to thrive…right? Wrong!

Do-It-Yourself marketing & advertising can get you but so far. Who will fix your website if it goes down unexpectedly or if your business cards fail to print properly? Can you successfully say that your social media is in the best shape? Does your company have the right public recognition?

For whatever reason, a company’s brand (the ethical & moral representation of a company’s persona) can become “lost” or fragmented. Changes in leadership, marketplace and/or product often saturate a company’s image (brand) until it becomes unrecognizable in the public spotlight.

KDGA is an advertising agency that specializes in brand strategy and management. As Brand Architects, KDG Advertising is dedicated to your ever expanding needs. We collaborate with you to visually charge your brand’s message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that stands out from the crowd (and with out breaking your bank account).